Monday, October 15, 2007

Drama, of the pagan kind.

It seems that, no matter what kind of pagans you get together, the drama soon follows. Why is that? I'm guessing it has something to do with us being free spirits, thinkers, outside the "norms" of society, educated (usually)... But, man, it gets annoying.

A while ago, I was summarily removed from a community. It hurt, even though I had been contemplating leaving of my own accord for some time. I felt betrayed, for a while, but then realized that a great peace had descended upon me as I removed the toxins of drama from my system.

I live in a lifestyle (poly, pagan, bisexual, bdsm) that is very fringe, and usually has a lot of drama in its various corners. I walked away from the bdsm community many years ago, and although I still touch it once in a while, I'm never around it enough for the drama to take over my life. The poly community has a lot of drama too (you think a *couple* breaking up has drama? you should see a trio or more-some break up!), but again, I avoid it by not being a very active part of the larger community. I have my friends, and my play mates, and those I can talk to, but I stay at the edges, and I stay away from the drama. Being bisexual has never been about drama, for me, and I've never been an active part of the GLBT community, almost entirely because of the drama. So why do I allow the pagan drama to draw me in?

I walked away, after knocking the dust from my feet and patching up the painful "boo boos" left by my unceremonious booting. I walked away, head high, and found that it was sunny out. I dealt with family drama, unfortunately something you can't get away from (two year old twins EQUAL drama, but at least you know it ends at around age 22 *grin*), and then looked around and realized that I had no other drama to clean up.

Well, by the Gods! :)

Now, some other drama is slowly creeping back in. But I'm aware of it, now. I know how to stay on the fringes, again, and I'm actually rather glad to be doing so. I like the various communities that I surf online, but I also am keeping that distance. The drama interferes with my serenity, which interferes with my ability to do a good job at worship and devotion to my Gods.

Perhaps what we need to do, is create a drama-negation ritual. It would be Dionysian, because even though he is the God of Drunkenness, the wasteful excess of drama would be heinous to him. I will have to think about what time of year would be best to perform this kind of ritual... but I think the idea has real merit.
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