Thursday, December 6, 2007

The Ghosts of Christmas Present

That does sound a little odd - Christmas Present. *chuckle*

This Christmas is not shaping up to be a financial joy. Gray has lost his job (not his fault... sales didn't meet quota, and he was the newest hire, so he and two others were let go), and we barely made bill payments. However, there's oil in the heater tank, firewood stacked on the front porch, and food in the freezer.

I could bewail the horrors of an unemployed Christmas. I could whine about how we don't have enough to buy gifts for people. I could whimper over the lack of Cool Things in people's stockings this year. Instead, I choose not to do any of those things.

This year, we have a huge turkey for our Yule/Christmas dinner. We'll be having mashed cauliflower, scalloped vegetables, and a wild rice stuffing. We'll also have zucchini latkes in honor of Farnham's daughter, who is studying Judaic religion in preparation to formally becoming a Jew. She'll be bringing her Menorah to the dinner, and will explain the secrets of the candles to our twins, sharing her religious joys with their wide eyed smiles.

Sis will say a prayer of thanks for the past year, and a plea for financial solvency. I'll offer a plate of food to the Gods. Others will do their own religious things. We'll share food together, and love, and stories of Christmases past, and dreams of those to come. Then we'll ask Farnham to get out his guitar, and we'll sing carols around the fire, with the twins capering about with tiny instruments of their own (thanks Kerridwyn!!).

There may not be much under our tree, but it's a beautiful tree (fake, but realistic). It has lights and garlands, ornaments both old and new, and pictures. Our mantlepiece is decorated with stuffed animals, the twins' advent calendar, and photos. A warm fire fills the fireplace, heating most of the downstairs to a toasty 68 degrees. We have hot tea, cocoa, and cider, and even a few bottles of mead. We have family, and friends.

How could we ask for more? Isn't this season about light, and love? We have both of those, in abundance. It doesn't matter that BestBuy didn't get our cash, or that Target missed out on sapping us of more credit. We have all that we need, and more.
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