Thursday, December 20, 2007

An interesting survey

This was an interesting survey to take. I have suggested to several of my friends that they take it. If nothing else, it certainly makes you think about what it is YOU believe in. It seems to be aimed largely at the neopagan crowd, but it fit me, in between Wicca and Hellenismos, and some of the Hellenic crowd seem to be enjoying taking it. There's no prize at the end -it's for research purposes. I'm all for research, though.

It's so odd to see some of the questions. "How often do you worship?" with suggestions of a few times a year, once a month, once a week, or several times a week. There was no entry for daily. There was no real definition of what worship was, either, which makes it so difficult to determine. I worship every day, for the most part. Sometimes it's just two minutes before bed, if I'm exhausted, but most of the time it is about 10 minutes or more of serious reflection, thanks, and offering. It seems so odd to think of how I would go for weeks on end and never think of the Gods at all.

This has gotten me thinking about my "sisterwife". Sis is Christian, although relatively open minded, and very loving. I believe she has a true Christian spirit - she thinks of others before herself, and "walks her talk" for the most part. She doesn't do anything at home, though. I don't understand it, I admit. It confuses me. I've never met a Christian who does daily worship. It seems to be "that thing you do on the weekend" or something.

The twins enjoy watching me when I worship. Girltwin LOVES to participate. She, like most kids I'm told, loves to offer up the barley to the Gods. She gets so excited about it, and it's fun to watch. She likes to take the offerings outside, too, or watch me put them in the fire. It's just all very fun. Boytwin is interested, too, though not as much. But they SEE me doing my religious duties each day. They don't see sis doing hers, and I think this is doing a disservice to sis, to be honest. She's a good Christian, unlike many of the nasty ones out there, and it's important (to me!) that she share her religion with her bio kids. I'm glad they're learning from me, too, obviously, but they should be learning from her, too.

It's odd. I'm the one that insists the children learn the difference between Yule, Hannukah, Christmas, Rammadan... I'm the one that insists that Spring Equinox is for bunnies and eggs, and Easter is for the solemn funeral of Jesus. I'm the one that insists that Lent is a time of giving up, for God (or the Gods, in my case), and led my family in six weeks of difficult but spiritually rewarding sacrifice.

Why is it that I seem to be so much more religious than sis? She's been a Christian all her life, and she's not "just a weekend Christian" like some. She teaches Sunday school, worships each week, knows the various holidays and their meanings. She just doesn't make it a vital part of her life. And yet... isn't that what Christians say is necessary? Are pagans making up, in some way, for the Christian lack of spirituality in the world? Most of the pagans I know are very spiritual, even if their religious duties differ widely from person to person. Whatever they do, they do devoutly, and regularily.

It's just something that always ends up going through my head at this time of year, as I look at our wreaths and trees and presents and lights (all symbols of the Solstice, not Christmas).
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