Friday, January 4, 2008

Mystery Religion

For a very long time, when I was Wiccan, I thought "Mystery Religion" meant what I was doing. To some extent, that's true - Wicca is, in its most pure form at least, a Mystery Religion. It has certain rituals at its heart which are understood only through personal experience; they cannot be understood (usually... there are always exceptions) through reading or oral transmission. This is, in my opinion, the basis of what a Mystery Religion is.

What I practice now, is becoming a Mystery Religion, but of such a different form than Wicca that I'm practically in the dark. I find there are new things being exposed to me, at intervals, by my Gods. I gain little flashes of insight, on a semi-regular basis. These are not things I can explain to most other people. There are a few who seem to just "get it"... and I assume that these other people are also a part of the Mystery, in some way.

I have had a distinct impression, lately, that I am expected to do more than I am currently doing. This is a hiatus, a pause so I can learn about the new ways I have been exposed to. I am being given time to integrate and internalize the rituals. There isn't much of a difference, I'll be honest, between what I do now, and what I did when I was Wiccan. The ritual framework is different, but the feelings, and in some cases, the Mysteries, are the same.

I have been looking into a theory, that the Etruscan witchcraft presented to Leland in the late 1800s by Magdalena the witch, is the semi-direct descendant of the original worship in that area of the world (near Etruria). The original worship of that area would have included the original followers of Dionysus, and those of Hecate, neither of whom are true Olympians, and are only considered Greek out of courtesy. Both Dionysus and Hecate had much older followings, and originally were more "sweeping" Gods, more classical, one might say. The Greeks adopted them, rather than have their worship one-up the Olympians; a traditional strategy that worked very well. I believe that those original worshippers became, over many hundreds (and possibly thousands) of years, the Romani, the Italian witches, and eventually became the group of people that Magdalena was a part of. I have begun some research into this, although my lack of ability to speak or read Latin is hampering me. One of these days, I need to correct that.

In any case, I have a lot on my mind, and Mysteries are all around me. The three greatest Mysteries in my life today are the twins and my daughter. I love the three of them to pieces, and they love me in return. This is the basis of a good, comfortable life.
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