Monday, February 18, 2008

Anthesteria Celebrations

I have struggled all day to write a single piece of poetry... only to realize that this is probably not a great time to write for or about Hecate. It's the middle of Anthesteria, a large celebration dedicated to Dionysus. So now I feel somewhat sheepish, and I plan to change my attentions to Dionysus instead. So...

The Joyous Anthesteria

Dionysus, Lord of the Grape and Vine
You twine into my very soul
We taste the Anthesteria wine
And moderate madness is my goal.
Madness, your gift, it makes us whole.
The first day, we drink and make cheer
But second day brings death's toll
And those who once were loved, we fear.
The veil is rent, dead ones are near.
By day three, we hang from trees
For Erigone, the Lord's love dear
Ribbons, cups, dolls swing in the breeze.
Serious, yes, Dionysus can be
Yet understanding he brings, for we.

Allyson Szabo, Anthesteria 2008
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