Sunday, March 30, 2008

The busy time has returned.

But I'm refusing to rush. My new year's resolution was to stop rushing, and although it's been difficult at times, I have kept it. I'm rather proud of myself.

The twins are home and so is sis, all done with their Easter holiday with their grandparents in the mid-west. They had a blast, as anyone who's seen the pictures will tell you! They had three Easters in total, which was just funny. They've eaten so much chocolate lately that it must be in their bloodstream!

Today, we had The Gang over for dinner, to say thank you and just to get together. I roasted up two turkey breasts, which was just the right amount for the 17 of us. We had steamed veggies, salad and all the fixin's, beer batter bread, couscous, gravy, pottage, and other manner of yumminess. It was a heck of a feast, and with everyone helping, it was fairly easy to put on.

Tomorrow, sis goes back to school, the teens go back to school and work, Farnham is home until lunch (he's coming over here for a while), and Gray will be back to job searching. My lovely, relaxing, quiet week with Gray is over, but I enjoyed every minute of it. I missed seeing Farnham, but I did need every minute of my time with Gray, and I wasn't willing to give a minute of it up. I feel somewhat recharged, I will admit. I LOVE being a part of a poly family, with all the people and kids and animals around, and the chaos and the love. But once in a while, I just like to be alone with one of my guys. Farnham and I get it when we run away to go camping or whatever, but Gray and I suffer from lack of that kind of quality time.

So I will treasure this week for a long time to come.
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