Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Night of Hecate

Tonight is the dark of the moon. By the Greek reconing, it is the last day of the month. It is also the day that is sacred to Hecate. Specifically, on the night of the dark of the moon, devotees of Hecate would (and still do, in some cases) go to a crossroads and leave an offering of food and ale.

Tonight, I left food and drink, and a burning candle, at the nearest thing to a crossroads I could get to: my garden. Because of where I live, there are no rural crossroads, and the street out front is a main road, with cars whizzing past all hours of day and night. That isn't practical. I doubt strongly that Hecate wants me to be quashed because I was kneeling in an intersection while praying to her. Heh...

The garden is a crossroads, of sorts, for us. It is the place we gather in the summer. It is the place we cross over to get to the library (a favorite trip). It is the place the children play with their foot-powered cars (around the edges of it). And it's certainly a true crossroads for the squirrels! It also has the advantage of being a safe place to leave a burning candle (there's nothing around to be lit up by it, at least at this time of year, and if it tips, it goes out in the dirt).

The candle that I put out is one that I purchased for Hecate a month ago, for last month's dark moon. It looks like a rose, and the wick is in the center. I've lit it several times over the past month, and tonight it goes to her completely. I also took out a small portion of our dinner, and left it to her (and the squirrels, who I believe think they are her priests or envoys, or possibly her avatars LOL).

It wasn't a long ceremony. I didn't say much out loud, except thank you. It was enough, however. And I'm happy.

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