Thursday, April 24, 2008

The second book has begun

My first book, Longing for Wisdom: The Message of the Maxims, is in the late editing phase. I am waiting for my family editors to get it back to me so I can do the final edit and get it into the publishers. I am so pleased with it! It came together very quickly, in about only three months total.

Now I'm working on my second book, tenatively titled The Road to Ritual: A guide to visualizing, creating, and producing effective ritual. I have the rough body of it planned out, and have begun working on the introduction. I'm thrilled! I feel a real connection with this one, much as I did with the first one.

There's something wonderful about getting words out of my head and onto paper. There's no way to describe the feeling of handing that final rough draft to Farnham, plopping all 137 pages of it down in front of him. It was such an accomplishment for me. The words of encouragement and praise from friends and family have been a balm, too.

Now that it's spring, I have the patio set up to accommodate toddlers playing on the slide and climbing equipment, and in their toy kitchen, while I sit by the outlet with the laptop plugged in, typing away. They get time outdoors in the sun and fresh air, as do I, and I get to do my writing, as well.

There's nothing quite as adorable as watching boytwin shoot toy carcars down the slide of their little jungle gym. He laughs so hard you worry he'll keel over!
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