Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Dreams and Oracles

I'm not prone to random spiritual dreams. Mine usually follow a pattern, having largely to do with what's going on in my life. This time is different...

I dreamed, two nights ago, that I was in some sort of underground room or stone room. It could have been a hewn cavern, or a building with stone walls and no windows, but I'm not sure of the details. It was lit up dimly (shadows in the corner) and was "warmly" colored, meaning it was yellow or orange or something along those lines. Again, I didn't pay attention to the details at the time. There were no candles or torches or other sources of light, that I could see.

As I became somewhat aware of my surroundings, a woman came out of the shadows opposite me. She was wearing a "Hollywood" style Egyptian outfit (see image): white pleated dress, gold tie at the waist, big neck gear with lots of blue and gold on it, bare feet but adorned with jewels, and a scarab on her head, a kind of crown or hair piece. Her skin was not dark, the way most people depict Egyptians, though. It was WHITE. Not white as in Caucasian, but white like the absence of color, perhaps like she was albino. However, her eyes were dark, that limpid brown that reminds one of cows or small children. Her hair was the jet black shiny type with lots of corn rows, and was about shoulder length. Other than some sort of jewels on her feet, she wore no other jewelry. Her face was very... unmoving.

Really, if she hadn't been walking toward me and making gestures, I would have thought I was seeing one of those marble statues done in exquisite detail. But she WAS moving. She was walking toward me slowly, gesturing with her hands in some sort of sign language that I didn't understand. She didn't speak, didn't open her mouth, and her face never showed any emotion. Her eyes were very emotive, but that could have just been my interpretation of what I was seeing.

So that's the whole dream. I don't remember anything else, other than that I was trying to understand her and was very frustrated that I couldn't. I did a meditation last night, briefly, in an attempt to get her to come back and speak in English or ASL, but nada.

Then a friend of mine who does oracle sessions contacted me with some private (and unsolicited) information. It was... interesting, to say the least. I am wondering if the dream and the oracle communication are connected. They could be, in a few ways, but I'm not understanding at this point. I am hoping to come up with some clearer information soon.

Perhaps I should ask someone to do a tarot reading for me...
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