Friday, May 16, 2008

Thanks to the Gods

After 3 weeks of white-knuckle concern over whether sis's pregnancy was viable, we went in yesterday for the first ultrasound. The results are marvelous! Everything seems to be going very well, which is a huge relief. To the left, you can see the ultrasound pic. The little lima bean shaped thing is the new baby. We're 7 weeks 5 days along (as of today), per the doc.

I had done some long and serious prayer to my Gods, over this. While I would not have chosen to have a new baby in the house right now, the timing isn't bad, per se. And now that a life has been started, I'd be loathe to lose it. So I asked Hera, Rhea, Hestia, and Hecate to protect the child, keep it safe, and cradle it with love. I promised offerings if the child was healthy and viable, and last night, I paid on my debts. Gladly!

I offered wine, flowers, and incense. The incense, especially, is an "expensive" gift from me, because offering incense means I have to basically fumigate my room before Gray gets home. He's so allergic that I might even have to forfeit a night with him, because of it. Therefore, it seemed a fitting return on the important thing that was granted to us, so graciously.

It wasn't a long ritual, but it was definitely a heartfelt one. My room warmed up by about ten degrees in the 15 minutes or so that I spent on ritual. I didn't sing praises or recite epic poetry, but I did say grateful thank you's to all the Gods, and especially to the four Ladies I had specifically asked for help.

This morning, the offerings went out into the remains of our garden, which just got spread with grass seed. We promised to return that part of the lawn AS lawn when we moved out, and so I spread the grass seed good and thick, and have extra to leave behind if it doesn't come in even. It seems so strange, thinking of other people living here. I do hope the landlords find people like us, and not another band of rowdy Mexicans (the ones before us spend their evenings throwing glass beer bottles into the bank parkinglot!). We've put so much love and work into this house that seeing its walls bare of photographs and the bookcases all packed away is kind of sad.

But... with new arrivals there are always deaths, too. That is the way of life. The old clears out for the new. And this is the start of a new adventure! In a year and a half, we could be living on a homestead in New Hampshire, with mostly "pioneer" type gear to keep us going!
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