Sunday, June 1, 2008

Grandfather Maple

This is our Grandfather Maple. He sits, stately, in our backyard. He's provided us with our very first taste of homemade maple syrup, made from his sap. He's given us shade, and protection from storms. He's housed squirrels and birds and the Gods only know what else in his branches. He is one of the main things that drew me to this house, when I first saw it.

In a couple of weeks, we'll be leaving Grandfather Maple, and our little backyard garden, our big, comfy home with private space for everyone, and our large and cupboard-lined kitchen. We'll be moving in with Farnham and his wife for a while, until sis has our baby, and then we'll be moving up to the wilds of New Hampshire, were we hope to make our new homestead.

Homestead it will be! We plan to do our best to make our own energy (the land we're looking at has a 30 foot waterfall with a decent drop rate, enough to run a small but powerful turbine and battery), and grow our own food. We'll make as much as we can, and only buy what we need. We'll be (with luck) on 75 acres of wooded land in the middle of nowhere, though only an hour from Gray's work. We'll be FAR from any major roadway that might be dangerous for our children. We'll be miles from school violence, random shootings, and inner cities.

I am so looking forward to being there. I am so looking forward to NOT being here. I am, however, going to miss our rambling house with its wood floors, and Grandfather Maple.
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