Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Hmm... Interesting.

From the site Truth Will Prevail:

"To whom it may concern:

"My name is Martha Barlow Jessop, wife of the late Fred M. Jessop, whom Flora referred to as “Grandpa.” I am an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse and a Certified Nurse Midwife. I was very closely associated with Flora from her birth until she was 16 years old. I was appointed her guardian by the State of Utah when she was 14. She was under my direct care and supervision, living in my home, until she left at age 16 years.
"After listening to and hearing of the stories and lies that Flora has been telling and putting out to the world through the media—lies about how she was “abused” and “escaped” from her childhood home and religion, I feel compelled to tell the true story of Flora."

There's a lot more on that site. Is all of it believable? Who knows. All I can say at the moment is that it sounds a LOT more believable for its lack of over-reaching and sensationalism. Flora Jessop's book Escape is full of sensationalism, which disturbed me from the beginning. I have a tendency to not believe the people who make up grandiose stuff. It reminds me, all of this reminds me, of the Satanic Panic in the 80s. That was BS as well.

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