Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My new book

Well, I have begun actively writing my new book. Tentatively, it is called The Road to Ritual, and is a teaching text designed to help people learn how to create and design their own rituals. I have various plans for this one, and the outline for it was actually done last month. However, today I actually wrote most of the introduction, and started on the first chapter. Basically, only the first chapter really requires any research from me. The rest of it is stuff I've been teaching for years, but with a Hellenic flare.

I feel very optimistic about this book. The first one is due out any moment, and I'll announce it here when it's finally available. I'm basically just waiting for my proof copy to check over, so that I can okay it for publication. This new one, though, is different. It isn't a philosophical thing, mostly opinion and a bit of poetry. It's a textbook. It's going to be larger. It's going to be more serious, and hopefully more scholarly. It's already shaping up to be about 250 pages, based on what I have in notes for the various chapters.

One of the fun things I am planning on doing, is having my editors read it and USE the techniques described within, to create a chapter that has examples. I want people to actually create ritual using my methods, and this is one way for me to show that it can be done, and easily. I'll do a little interview with each person who writes one of the example rituals, and explain the tough bits, the easy bits, and I'll critique the rituals. I figure having three or four short rituals should make for a jam packed chapter if you include commentary.

The most difficult part of this book will be that it MUST have an index. That's not easy to do via the publisher we use, but I'll manage. I might have to put it into PDF format myself instead of having Oinokhoe do it. I really ought to learn how to do it - then I can offer to help when she is too busy or unavailable. It also gives me a bit more freedom to get things done.

Anyhow, I am looking forward to putting this into print. It'll be several months in the writing, but I am proud of myself for getting as much done as I have.
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