Saturday, July 19, 2008

It's berrying time!

These delectable looking berries are what I was harvesting yesterday afternoon. We had about 2 pounds of them, although the amount has gone WAY down. We had diet vanilla pudding for dessert, with fresh raspberries in it, and it waas delicious. Having a taste of summer is always lovely. This picture is of a bunch that I picked and brought in.

This time of year always makes me think of berries with cream. Last year we didn't get many berries, but this year we're just drowning in them. We're going to keep picking until they fail, and we'll freeze the results so that we can have that taste of summer anytime we want. I know how nice it will be to have a bowl of berries and cream in January, when the snow is piled high and the wind is blowing.

We're also just beginning our zucchini odyssey, which is always exciting. We had sausage and turkey zuch boats the other day, with the first of our delicious veg. The flavor was incredibly good! Tonight we're having pasta with vodka sauce, something yummy but not so good for us.

This week, I'll be going to NH with Gray.
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