Sunday, July 13, 2008

Things you come home to...

So today I went to NYC with family and friends, spent 3 hours in an incredibly huge and beautiful research library dedicated to the humanities, and read a bunch of interesting stuff on the Greeks, and early rituals of humans. Fascinating stuff. Everyone else went to see the Lion King on Broadway, but I just wasn't interested. The library was much more fun!

Coming home was, as always, a bit of a drag. It isn't that I don't want to be here or anything. It's just L O N G drive. It's almost 5 hours from where we were, to home. Bleh. After a full day of hanging out, researching, and having fun, it seems like a lot longer. We made it, and I decided to check email. My bad, of course.

Someone had dropped me a note to tell me that I was being talked about on a pagan forum. I peeked, because I've always been a proponent of the maxim, "People talking trash are giving you free advertising." It was much like what I expected - someone taking things out of context, having not read my book, and having denied she would ever read my book. So ... Yeah, whatever.

Two things about it annoyed me. First, trash was talked but no link was given (thereby ruining my chance at that wonderful free advertising LOL) and so no one in the thread was actually given the information they needed to find out for themselves. I find that horribly disturbing. If my writing scares them THAT MUCH, the least they could do is explain why. Mostly, it was the "same old same old" that "we" (meaning Neos Alexandria in general and me in particular) were claiming that neopagans, Christians, avacadoes, and Jews were all a part of Hellenismos. The claim was made that my book is doing this in particular. I'm just stunned... My book is about the Delphic Maxims, not Hellenismos, not religion. One might argue it is about arete or paidiea, but those are not specific to or part of Hellenismos. Not to mention that, in my book, I state quite clearly that I AM NOT A HELLENIC RECON, never have been, never will be. I am a Hellenic polytheist - I believe in the Greek Gods, and they are my primary (well, at the moment, only, but I can't speak for the future) Gods. But apparently, that forum's people are now claiming that term, too. Everyone beware - if you aren't a part of the cadre, you can't use those words. Check the patent office. *snort*

Secondly, the person doing the trashing called me the other night. On the phone. She was oh so contrite, she'd NEVER bash me, she likes me, I don't make claims like the other devils and sinners at Neos Alexandria, etc. etc. ad nauseam. I admit, I took what she was saying with a grain of salt (oh, okay, a salt cellar), but I listened, and I talked honestly enough. End of conversation was, "So this is me holding out the olive branch!" I chuckled, and said, "Yep, doves and olive branches and everything."

I wonder she paused to breathe or pee before she went off to write trash about my book. Anonymously. Oy. Unfortuately, I am guessing she will never come out of the situation she is in. It's a shame. I am disappointed in her, but life goes on. I guess I expected more from her. She's never lied to me before, although she's skirted the edges. It makes me sad. Lying is one of those huge hot butons for me.

For those who wish to criticize my book, please do! Longing for Wisdom is not meant to be an end-product (something I discuss in the opening chapters), but the start of a long dialogue between members of the various Hellenic and historical communities. Because the Maxims are of interest to a larger group than just the insular Hellenic types (colleges, universities, etc), it may be an excellent bridging point. In any case, anyone who READS my book is welcome to make commentary, positive or negative. However, I'm not going to do a whole lot of listening to people who haven't read it. That's sort of like Christians trashing pagans without ever knowing what they do.
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