Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Cleansing the Soul

Today, I spent time in the pool, floating placidly on the top of the water, spread eagle, naked. The new filter creates quite a draw, and so there is a subtle but strong current within the pool. I truly enjoyed basking in Apollo's golden rays. I let the sun leach out my negativity, my miasma from the past weeks. I let the water of the pool wash it away, and visualized the filter pulling it all out. I spent a good hour out there, doing little more than laying there, face up. I needed to feel the healing rays of the sun, and the cleansing wash of the water over me.

This evening, I took a single candle outside with me, and Farnham and I went into the pool. It was very dark, and the glow of the candle lit up very little of the space. The pool was a black pit which we slid into silently. The chilly water engulfed us, drawing out the last of the lethargy, the misery, and the grief. For ten minutes, we prayed, dunked ourselves, and moved about trying to keep warm. It was good - when we finally got out, we felt clean, inside and out, body and soul.

I feel so much lighter, now. My mood is lighter, my outlook is lighter, and life seems lighter. I came down to my room, and unveiled my Olympic altar. It is wonderful to have it open again, available for me to stop and make offerings at, and prayers.

Life isn't perfect, but it's much better. I am glad to be cleansed of my miasma.
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