Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Daily Doings

Morning Salutation

I open my eyes and see You,
In symbol or in statue,
Hera, Hecate, Dionysos, Zeus
Hestia, Aesculapius, Nyx.

I bid You good morning
As I wipe the sleep from my eyes
And contemplate hot coffee
As a morning libation to You.

It's only in passing,
This brief salutation,
Yet it is the start of my day
And adds balance to my day.

My Gods, I ask your blessings,
As I go about my day.
I start my day with thoughts of you,
And whisper prayers and beg softly.

Let my mind be clear,
Not clouded with grief, anger, or frustration.
Let my words be peaceful, calm, and kind.
May I bring honor to You in all that I do.

Afternoon Reminders

The blood in my coffee stream
Has become untenably thick,
And the work has piled high around me.

My temper is rising,
My shoulders tense as stone,
And my teeth grit at others' stupidity.

Then I pause and breathe deep,
Inhaling the raw essence
Of the Gods that cherish me as their own.

I thank you for keeping me
Mindful of who I am:
A child of my Gods, within and without.

Praises to you, O Great Ones!
You keep me focused,
Happy to serve Your purposes.

Evening Prayers

Night has fallen.
Cool breezes stir
Drifts of pollen.
Our heartstrings blur.

Sing their praises
Of Gods worthy.
On us impress
Gentle mercy.

Stars shine brightly
In the heavens.
Praises rightly
To Them go.
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