Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Poetry for Ampelia


I was walking quietly down the street,
Minding my own business,
When his hands grabbed me.
One went over my mouth,
The other grasping my breasts
In lewd, lascivious gestures.
I could not scream.

It took me only a moment
To realize that it was Him,
My ivy twined God.
My panic ceased not one bit;
What was he doing to me?

I was forced down,
Pushed into a concealing bush.
His vining friends grew around me,
Holding me tight as his hands
Became the iron within velvet
That I love and hate so much.

I fought - how could I not?
No matter how much I love Him,
That kind of force leaves you breathless.
His pure, unadulterated vegetable self
Was overwhelming and terrifying.

Yet he paused not a moment,
Only grinning at my struggles,
A thick, hairy thigh pressing between my legs
As I squirmed and tried to escape.

I found myself chanting,
That inevitable sound made by every female in fear and need:
Stop! Please! Don't! Stop, please! Don't!
Stop! Please don't stop! Please don't stop!
The tears fell from my darkened eyes,
Watering his twining ivy,
Fertilizing it,
Causing it to thicken and grow long.

When I gave in,
It was with a yelp of horror
That I could lose myself so quickly
In his luscious embrace...
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