Tuesday, September 9, 2008

New Land

Well, today we make an offer on one of the pieces of property we've been looking at. It isn't the one I talked about before, but is better in many ways. Some positive things about it:
  1. The house has five LARGE bedrooms.
  2. Only one of the five needs anything more than bare cosmetic work and even that one is pretty simple.
  3. It overlooks a gorgeous river.
  4. It has a massive barn, large enough to store about 2 of those big camper trailer thingies in, without stretching... and the barn has electric and is in pretty good condition.
  5. The kitchen in the house is huge, with a central island sink that has a garberator and plenty of storage for pots and pans.
  6. The range is GAS, not electric, oh thank all the gods!
  7. It has a nifty little low counter that is JUST the right height for kneading bread... and above it, a lighted recipe book holder which is attached to the wall and nowhere near the prep surface.
  8. It has a large pantry.
  9. It has a basement that has a concrete finish, except for one corner, which will end up being our root cellar.
  10. There are two bathrooms with showers.
  11. Across the street, there is a 115 acre plot of land that comes along with it. 
  12. On the 115 acres there is a spring fed stream which provides some of the water to the house and barn. 
  13. It's heavily wooded, allowing us to use the land efficiently as a wood lot to heat our home.
  14. There's already a wood cook stove in the kitchen.
  15. The land already has logging roads with clearings that would be suitable for building yurts or other alternative housing.
  16. Everyone in town seems to already know us or know of us, and they seem to like us, to a high degree.
Wow. Lots of pros there. There are a few cons. The two bathrooms only have showers, not tubs, and we'll have to fix that. Most of the bedrooms require new floors, though they are structurally sound. The twins' room needs a new ceiling. We'll be spending a LOT of money buying the house and land, and so won't have the cash to get our yurts for a while. Really, though, the negatives are far outweighed by the positives.

I admit, I am looking forward to putting my mucky boots on and going for a walk up the stream, to find out if the spring wells up on our land. If so, I will make an effort to contact and leave offerings of good will for the naiad of the spring. :) 

There's also a little graveyard, much disused, a few minutes' walk from our new home. If we do get this house, I will be following through on a promise I made to Hecate, and will begin putting flowers on the graves, and tending them somewhat. 

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