Friday, September 5, 2008


This is the front image of the house we're looking at on Saturday afternoon. We looked at it once already, but the guys weren't along. So on Saturday, we'll all truck out there again, and go through the house once more. Then the guys will go walk the 115 acres across the street, to see if it's worth our while to purchase. 

If we decide this is worthwhile, we will live in the house until we built our "real" homes, out in the back woods of the acreage. Eventually, this will become the "big house" or the place to house friends who visit, or to go to be alone for a while. It will also house a small store, wherein we can sell our soap, hand-made items, and food. Since the store is on the road, it would be ideal to sell things from. Our 
houses will be far from the road, ideal to live in! 

I have to admit, I do like this house. The kitchen has a large wood cook stove in it, and a central island that hosts an older porcelain sink with garberator. The kitchen window looks out onto the Connecticut River. The backyard is full of lovely flowers, well taken care of, if a bit neglected the past two years. There's room for a small table (as you can see in the picture there) under the window, and the living room is actually three rooms made into one, and can host all our living room, computer, AND dining room things. There is enough room for everyone to eat, which is fant
astic. I just love the idea of having everyone sitting together at the same table (or, if necessary, two tables together), with the sideboard ladened with turkey, stuffing, cranberry jelly, fresh tomatoes, squash, corn, peas, Farnham's famous green bean cassarole, and the ubiquitous mashed potatoes. Groaning sideboards are my speciality, and I do hope to get the opportunity to do it this year.
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