Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Request for content for He Epistole!

From Laura, at Neokoroi:

As you know, He Epistole was on hiatus for the Autumn issue.  We do plan on publishing for the winter issue and I need CONTENT!  I need all kinds of content:  Poems, essays, articles, short stories, artworks, photos....anything you can think of!  As long as it fits into the general theme of "All things Hellenic", I'll consider it for the issue.

Some people have mentioned that writing prompts would be helpful. The original plan for the fall issue was "Harvest", so feel free to keep that in mind as well.  Other ideas that have been mentioned are "Giving" and "Transformation".  I have often associated Dionysos with the holidays, so he may provide some inspiration as well.

Please email your stuff to me:  wheezinggirl at hotmail dot com.

The deadline for this will be November 5th  I know this is earlier than normal but since I am making the announcement earlier I thought it would be okay to push that up a bit.  Plus, I travel for the holidays, so this way I can be sure to get everything completed before I leave.

Thanks so much.  Let me know if you have any questions.

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