Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Noumenia & Wednesday ritual

On Wednesday evenings, I participate in a ritual along with the rest of the people from Neos Alexandria. Each of us does our own thing for our own Gods, and yet you can almost feel the viscosity of the ether as it stretches through each of us and touches the universe.

Tonight was an especially potent night for me, for many reasons. First, it was also Noumenia, the celebration of the first sliver of new moon appearing. Second, it is so very close to Hallows Eve. Third, and almost most importantly, it is the night I finally dedicated the new altar to Hestia for our home.

The altar was a subject of consternation. I wanted Hestia to be overlooking our kitchen, and yet she had to be out of the way enough that she didn't get things spilled onto or splattered onto her sacred space. I thought of a shelf by the wood stove, but it would have been dangerous (it gets VERY hot there). I contemplated a spot on the window right next to the wood stove, but it was within toddler reach, and that is always a dangerous thing.

Then Farnham and I hit on the right place - a small shelf that's above the area where I will be kneading our bread. It's perfect. It's small enough that it doesn't take up necessary space, but large enough to truly be an altar. The space looks down upon the entire kitchen in an almost regal manner, and yet is fully a part of the kitchen. I am very pleased.

We made an offering of wine into the woodstove, to Hestia, and were rewarded with a vast upflash of purplish-red flame. Wow. Then we offered barley, and the smell of it roasting filled the kitchen pleasantly.

After that was done, Farnham and I parted ways, and I went to my bedroom, where my personal shrines are. I did my usual Wednesday ritual, with a few private prayers that I'm not at liberty to talk about just yet. I feel very calm about it this week. It felt right. I even got my Nyx altar up, and that felt *really* good.

Stress? Yeah, drowning in it. But I have my focus, and that makes a big difference.
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