Friday, October 24, 2008

Sharing the joy of the wild.

Yesterday, I bit the bullet and decided to take our children and go for a walk in our woods. Now, that might not seem like a big deal, but considering our woods are on a mountain I have not been certain they (or I!) could make it. However, it seemed like the right day for it.

And it WAS! We started out with lots of warm coats, because it has been quite chilly (with rumours of snow) here in NH. We didn't really need it, though. Instead, it was almost balmy, though definitely jacket and boot weather. It was crisp and bright, too, and absolutely gorgeous. The sun shone down, the leaves crackled at our feet, and a light breeze made the treetops talk to us. We took two boxes of raisins with us, an offering from the twins to the nymphs of our stream, and I had a bowl with a lid to gather some water for my house blessing on Sunday.

The walk was long, but not arduous. We all enjoyed it. The twins were marvelous, behaving well and enjoying the scenery. Boytwin decided that the finest thing in the world was to pick up every stick on the trail and drag it behind him, making loud crunch noises in the leaves. Girltwin was excited, because I'd promised her that when we reached the stream, she would hear the nymphs playing if she was quiet.

I didn't lie, either. You could hear them... not just the babble of the brook, but an Other sound, too. My girltwin was just lit up like a lightbulb to hear them, and she offered up some of her raisins very solemnly, and told the nymphs thank you for the water we were taking. Boytwin had to be convinced, because he didn't really want to give up HIS raisins, but he did grudgingly leave some, then smiled like a ray of sunshine as a particularly loud burble went downstream just as he did it. They sat peaceably by the stream, eating the rest of their "feast" and listening to the birdsong, the nymphae, the wind in the trees.

We looked at different leaves and moss, and watched birds and squirrels scurrying around, getting ready for winter. They tossed the crinkly leaves around, sang songs of praise to the woodlands and the Gods, and just generally behaved beautifully. During our walk, we found a towering wall of rock that went up as far as we could see, a feature of our new property that none of us had been aware of. I would guess it's granite, as this IS the "Granite State". Large chunks had fallen down over the years, and a trail wound up one side of it (but we didn't explore... toddlers on mountainsides make me nervous LOL). Beautiful stuff.

We came home and had grilled open faced cheese sandwiches on yummy onion buns, with a side of hot chocolate and extra marshmallows. I had two exhausted and happy children and I was pretty darn happy myself. :)
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