Monday, October 27, 2008

Thoth Devotional

There's a text from the Ptolemaic era that I have always enjoyed. It's an account of the Wandering Goddess, Tefnut, the Eye of Re. (The same story is told in other sources of Sekhmet-Hethert, with slight modification.) Tefnut is raging in the south as a ferocious lion who is devastating the land. Thoth is sent out to calm her and bring this powerful goddess back to Egypt, since the kingdom is defenseless without her. In this particular version he soothes the goddess' wrath by telling her a series of amusing and educational stories, mostly animal fables like those of Aesop. 

So, what I'd like to do is bring out a modern reimagining of this myth. It would be a collection of short fiction dealing with Greek and Egyptian themes, ideally in a modern setting. The collection would begin with a narrative setting the stage, describing Thoth's search for the Wandering goddess and his attempt to placate her. It would end with another vignette showing her pacified by his stories and returning as the jubilant goddess to Egypt. But instead of animal fables, the stories told would be the stories of our community, contributed by an assortment of people. It would honor the powerful, transformative qualities of story-telling and Thoth as the master story-teller himself. Each author, by telling their own story, by using the power of words to create worlds, to share the beauty and power of the gods, by affirming that we who hold to the old gods are still here and those gods still matter in our world today - would be acting in the role of Thoth, magician, scribe, and healer. 

These stories can be about anything, in any style: serious, playful, historical, modern, or whatever. The only requirement is that they somehow be about the gods or Greek, Egyptian, or Roman religion. The deadline for this anthology will be Novemeber 30, 2008

Send submissions to

* All submissions must be the original work of the author – plagiarism is strongly frowned upon!
* Multiple submissions by the same author are fine – and encouraged!
* Material that has been published in other places will still be considered, provided the author retains their copyright to the work.
* The author retains all rights to their work after publication.
* Contact the editors for information on format, length, and other requirements if you have any questions.
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