Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Things get better, day by day

Life can be really tough sometimes. We've been through a lot in creating our new home in New Hampshire. We've gone through living with friends and being essentially homeless. We've dealt with deep debt, Amo losing his job, and sis working 2 hours from home every day. We've put up with dwindling meat supplies and staples.

It's getting better, though. Amo is out hunting deer for our larder, so meat won't be a problem anymore. Last night, our friend C told us about a wonderful grocery store that had inexpensive things, so we went and filled the shelves with beans and lentils and soup and such. I got corn meal and flour, and stuff to make our Thanksgiving feast. We even got two turkeys! It was pretty impressive, looking at them all and picking out two 20+ pounders.

Everything is just starting to feel better. I am hoping that the worst of the emotional and financial stuff is done with. We have enough seeds to get by, come spring, although we'll probably buy some, too. It's all improving, day by day, and I'm thrilled.
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