Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ohhhh so true.

It's just wrong for a comic strip to be right ALL THE TIME.

Oh My Gods! is so hysterical, and I love it. This week, they had this strip, which I encourage everyone to read. LOL...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My new book

Well, I have begun actively writing my new book. Tentatively, it is called The Road to Ritual, and is a teaching text designed to help people learn how to create and design their own rituals. I have various plans for this one, and the outline for it was actually done last month. However, today I actually wrote most of the introduction, and started on the first chapter. Basically, only the first chapter really requires any research from me. The rest of it is stuff I've been teaching for years, but with a Hellenic flare.

I feel very optimistic about this book. The first one is due out any moment, and I'll announce it here when it's finally available. I'm basically just waiting for my proof copy to check over, so that I can okay it for publication. This new one, though, is different. It isn't a philosophical thing, mostly opinion and a bit of poetry. It's a textbook. It's going to be larger. It's going to be more serious, and hopefully more scholarly. It's already shaping up to be about 250 pages, based on what I have in notes for the various chapters.

One of the fun things I am planning on doing, is having my editors read it and USE the techniques described within, to create a chapter that has examples. I want people to actually create ritual using my methods, and this is one way for me to show that it can be done, and easily. I'll do a little interview with each person who writes one of the example rituals, and explain the tough bits, the easy bits, and I'll critique the rituals. I figure having three or four short rituals should make for a jam packed chapter if you include commentary.

The most difficult part of this book will be that it MUST have an index. That's not easy to do via the publisher we use, but I'll manage. I might have to put it into PDF format myself instead of having Oinokhoe do it. I really ought to learn how to do it - then I can offer to help when she is too busy or unavailable. It also gives me a bit more freedom to get things done.

Anyhow, I am looking forward to putting this into print. It'll be several months in the writing, but I am proud of myself for getting as much done as I have.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Force of Nature

For Dionysos...

Force of Nature

Dashing one
of great fury
And endurance beyond all ken
Your hungry fingers dance
over sensitized skin
Eager to be devoured by
your never-ending lust
I feel the thrust of
the heavy lance
Plowing verdant, sighing furrows
in moist, yearning flesh
Our insistent kisses touch
inner thigh,
back of knee,
small of back in ecstatic joy
Tidal ways of pleasure
crashing into my soul
Then a tsunami approaches
unavoidable, terrifying
Your other side exposed and raw
yes, raw...
Taking, not giving
Demanding, not asking
Forcing, not accepting
Unstoppable, you
Liquid anticipation
beads over me
Painting me in sharp relief
Relief floods all senses
Stealing thoughts
Leaving me a dry husk
Io Dionysos!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

RIP, Long Legs!

Sid Charise has died. :(

See more info here.

Friday, June 6, 2008


There are people ranting about the Hellenic communities right now. Why is this newsworthy? Well, technically it isn't. It's much the same as what happened within the vaunted halls of the Wiccan religion about 30 to 40 years ago, when the American Wiccans were battling the British Wiccans and various factions of Wicca were spinning off the more traditional versions. Witch wars happened, people hurt others, lashed back, and it was just pretty nasty. The reverberations of that 'war' lasted until very recently, and in some cases, continue even today.

Does Hellenismos and Hellenic polytheism need to go through these birth pangs? In a way, yes. While I dislike such in-fighting, it is a part of the growing and defining process. It is unlikely that the rigid definition of Hellenismos touted by some, will win this fight. The question is whether any definition will win, or if Hellenismos will go the way of Wicca, and become so fractured that it almost falls apart.

I do not think that the various Hellenic traditions will fracture. Unlike Wicca (or at least public Wicca), there are set Gods and Goddesses that are worshiped within the Hellenic traditions. There is a vast amount of historical and mythological information there, both primary and secondary texts, which Wicca did not have. There are many scholarly books which describe what the Greeks and Romans did throughout the Hellenic ages, in great detail, from a non-religious point of view, again something which Wicca never had.

As we learn more about the Greeks and Romans, and the way they lived throughout the Hellenic ages, we will refine our practices. The basic forms of Hellenic worship are fairly clearly delineated, although most of what is written was for larger groups. Modern archaeologists are finally beginning to find evidence of home worship, though, and are providing us with new details each week. It's exciting, watching a dead religion come back to life!

On the other hand, is it right, is it correct, for us to simply resurrect the dead Greek religion, and put it on a shelf to look at from time to time? I say NO! If we purport to believe in these Gods, then we must provide them with living worship. Living worship cannot be stagnant, by definition. Therefore, if the religion is to be practiced, as opposed to just admired or written about, it is necessary for it to grow and change.

I believe it is our responsibility to be connected strongly to the past, but to find the paideia and arete of our own world, and apply that to that past knowledge. Only then will we have a truly living religion, one which can be practiced by a wide variety of pious people, in the here and now. Only then can we truly say that Hellenic polytheism and Hellenismos are a burgeoning world religion.

Sannion's new book

Sannion's new book is out!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Hmm... Interesting.

From the site Truth Will Prevail:

"To whom it may concern:

"My name is Martha Barlow Jessop, wife of the late Fred M. Jessop, whom Flora referred to as “Grandpa.” I am an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse and a Certified Nurse Midwife. I was very closely associated with Flora from her birth until she was 16 years old. I was appointed her guardian by the State of Utah when she was 14. She was under my direct care and supervision, living in my home, until she left at age 16 years.
"After listening to and hearing of the stories and lies that Flora has been telling and putting out to the world through the media—lies about how she was “abused” and “escaped” from her childhood home and religion, I feel compelled to tell the true story of Flora."

There's a lot more on that site. Is all of it believable? Who knows. All I can say at the moment is that it sounds a LOT more believable for its lack of over-reaching and sensationalism. Flora Jessop's book Escape is full of sensationalism, which disturbed me from the beginning. I have a tendency to not believe the people who make up grandiose stuff. It reminds me, all of this reminds me, of the Satanic Panic in the 80s. That was BS as well.

From t

Sunday, June 1, 2008

2008 Neos Alexandria artistic agon

Oh my gosh! I got 2nd place!!! My entry is here for those who wish to read it. :)

Grandfather Maple

This is our Grandfather Maple. He sits, stately, in our backyard. He's provided us with our very first taste of homemade maple syrup, made from his sap. He's given us shade, and protection from storms. He's housed squirrels and birds and the Gods only know what else in his branches. He is one of the main things that drew me to this house, when I first saw it.

In a couple of weeks, we'll be leaving Grandfather Maple, and our little backyard garden, our big, comfy home with private space for everyone, and our large and cupboard-lined kitchen. We'll be moving in with Farnham and his wife for a while, until sis has our baby, and then we'll be moving up to the wilds of New Hampshire, were we hope to make our new homestead.

Homestead it will be! We plan to do our best to make our own energy (the land we're looking at has a 30 foot waterfall with a decent drop rate, enough to run a small but powerful turbine and battery), and grow our own food. We'll make as much as we can, and only buy what we need. We'll be (with luck) on 75 acres of wooded land in the middle of nowhere, though only an hour from Gray's work. We'll be FAR from any major roadway that might be dangerous for our children. We'll be miles from school violence, random shootings, and inner cities.

I am so looking forward to being there. I am so looking forward to NOT being here. I am, however, going to miss our rambling house with its wood floors, and Grandfather Maple.