Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I've been Tagged!

Yeah yeah, I hate memes. But I do them every once in a while. :) I was tagged for this one by the Velveteen Rabbi, and so here are my responses. I'm supposed to share seven things you may not know about me.

1. I am an NCIS fan, and I want to be Abby when I grow up. I did not think I'd like the show, avoided it forever, and now find myself secretly watching it late at night after everyone has gone to bed.

2. I have seriously considered joining the military in my past.

3. I enjoy hunting.

4. I love churches. For a very pagany person, I have a love of church architecture, inside and out. I love to look at them, photograph them, and spend time in them. I feel closer to my own gods when I am in them, strange as that may sound.

5. I've been published several times in magazines and devotional books, and have written and published my own book.

6. I never did like Kirk, even though all my girlfriends were gaga over him. Spock was always my secret love and lust.

7. I'm going into early menopause. Hot flashes in the winter are really awesome!

And now, the rules of the meme say I'm supposed to tag seven others. And so... I tag: Sannion, Suz, Erl-Queen, Nurse Mummy, Kallistos, Grail 76, and Magnoliamoon. Of course, the usual caveat that you can feel free to ignore this if you wish. ;)
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