Sunday, January 4, 2009

More poetry

Well, today's prompt wasn't really a prompt but an assignment, so instead of following it (hard to do at 10:00pm) I decided to write my own. I wrote about my day. I thought I'd share it.

A Day Goes By

Up, get coffee, drink coffee.
Make breakfast, clean table.
Tidy toddlers, get toddlers dressed.
Get self dressed, do outside chores.
Come in, clean up toddlers, make lunch.
Clean up table, send toddlers to bed.
Rush to do laundry, writing, email,
Whatever can't be done when toddlers are up.
Get toddlers up, serve snack.
Tidy toddlers (boy they get messy a lot!).
Clean living room, cook dinner, get ready.
Smile on, look composed, don't let the rush show.
Eat like nothing else has to happen,
Then up again to clean the table,
Wash the dishes, switch the laundry.
Did I shower? Not sure...
Get toddlers ready for bed, read stories.
Tuck in. Un-tuck and do potty breaks.
Clean toddlers (there it is again) and re-tuck.
Tidy downstairs, tidy upstairs.
Do last minute chores (switch laundry?).
Take pills and drink a full glass of water.
Fall exhausted into bed. Sleep.
Rinse. Repeat.

(c) Allyson Szabo, January 4th, 2009
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