Thursday, January 8, 2009

Tiny Signs of Life

I went into the woods today with Amo, to help him with cutting down a dead tree that was threatening to fall and crush the gravestones on our property. Mostly I was there to scream for help if he accidentally cut his leg off with the chain saw, but I did do some work as well. The snow was coming down, first lightly and then heavier, in waves. Everything around us felt so pristine and beautiful. The air was crisp. The only scent was the far-off smell of fires, as that's what most people in our area use to heat their homes.

We really do live in a picturesque area. Standing there, looking up our mountain at the trees all touched with snow, it was as if I were staring at a post card or a website image. It was almost too pretty to be real. I still find myself in awe of the idea that we own this. It seems almost immoral to own it - it has its own personality, its own sentience.

While I was waiting for Amo to finish his chain saw work, I wandered around the area of the woods we were in. We were very close to the corn field, but it still felt very removed from the rest of the world. I kept half an eye on Amo, just in case, but I truly enjoyed walking around and looking at the splendor of our forest. I found the most beautiful little connifers, tiny pine trees just beginning to grow. I'm going to go back next week and try to get some photos, because they're simply adorable, poking up all green and perky out of the snow.

I felt as if I were looking at the Nymphae themselves. Perhaps these miniature trees will one day house a dryad or nymph of some kind. I do know that their little bit of green seemed so tenuous in a way, and yet also so strong a symbol of the springtime that will eventually come.

I wasn't really looking forward to going up into the cold, snowy forest when Amo first asked me. I'm very glad I went, though. It was special, and lovely.

Photo courtesy of Thank you!
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