Thursday, January 1, 2009

Winter's Legacy

I spent today doing a number of rather fun things, including putting away all the Christmas decorations. I like Christmas, and all that goes along with it, but I get tired of it after a whole month of plodding around a huge tree that takes up space we need for other things. So today, we packed up all the ornaments, lights, garlands, and other stuff, and put it away in the barn where it belongs. Now we have our dining room back!

I also split wood, until I caught my thumb in the crack of a piece of wood, and squished it. Nothing is broken, but it's a bit sore, and I wasn't able to finish up the splitting. Still, there's enough in the basement for a couple of days now, and tomorrow we'll not only have the splitter, but the new box Amo made for us to use with the tractor. So we can carry split wood to the basement doors and toss it down more easily. Hooray! We were worried, because we used the truck before but it can't make it through the deep snow.

Anyhow, it's a new year, and I picked up a poetry book (well, a couple of them actually). I have lots of prompts and exercises and suggestions to work with, and so I will post some of the poetry here. This is one of the pieces I wrote today.

Winter's Legacy

It makes you wince just to think of
The way the wind cuts at face and hands
Leaving you red cheeked and gasping for breath.
Winter cold is icy and sharp toothed,
Raising goose flesh and dampening the soul,
Causing even the least bearish of us
To curl beneath warm quilts and crocheted throws.
Beds once smoothed with matching colors
Become riots of reds and purples
When random blankets are tossed on the pile,
And no one cares because of the cozy feel,
The comforting weight of them on your shivering body.
If the storm howls outside, no one cares
Because inside there is love and hot chocolate for all,
And the wood stove kicks out its dry crackling heat.
The piles of crusty mittens slowly melt by the door,
Leaving puddles of muddy wetness to avoid.
Popcorn balls and rice crispy snacks beckon
While leftover bits of Christmas Stilton are munched with crackers.
The last of the decorations is put away for the year,
Yet the smiles and memories will last a lifetime.
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