Monday, February 9, 2009

The End of Anthesteria

Well, it was an interesting three days. This is the first time I've celebrated Anthesteria fully, although it wasn't a very exciting celebration (being sick, it was mostly just a few minor things done in honor of the holy days). I enjoyed it, though!

On the last day of Anthesteria, I got everyone up and made Muselix for breakfast. It's this oatmeal, nut, grain sort of cereal stuff. You eat it hot, with honey drizzled over it, which just seemed way too appropriate. So I explained a short version of what Anthesteria was all about over breakfast, and we all enjoyed that and some grape juice.

Then, Farnham helped me hang ribbons (actually Tibetan prayer flags) in our front maple tree. I did swing there for a few minutes, though not for long. It's nice to look out my bedroom window and see the brightly colored things swinging in the breeze. It has a distinctly spring feel to it, even though I know a hard freeze is still on its way.

When everyone else went to do their daily chores, I strapped my brand new snow shoes onto my feet, took my bottle of imported Greek Ouzo, and went up to the graveyard on our property. I libated to Miss Sarah and Mr. Timothy, the original owners of this property, and asked them to watch over us as we continue our journey in learning to live closer to the land. I trudged farther up the hill, though not all the way (I have an upper respiratory illness.... snow shoeing is quite tough on proper wood-sinew snow shoes!), and made further libations to my own honored dead, and those who might have just "been around." I suggested politely that it was nice they visited, and they should head on home now.

I also uncovered my Olympic altars again, after being covered for a few days. That felt really good. This is the first time I've done that for a festival, and it definitely changed the feel of what I was doing. Because of where the Zeus and Hera altar is (on my wall, by my window... see the pic at the start of this post), seeing it draped was so odd. It was definitely RIGHT though.

All in all, I felt it was just right.
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