Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The "Longevity Gene"

Apparently, they've now discovered and confirmed that there is a real longevity gene, or rather a gene that appears in people who live to 100 years of age and older. There has been an independent study done in Germany, France, America and Japan, showing that it appears across race differences, which is quite the big deal.


Have you ever noticed that Robert Heinlein was right about so many of these things? Sure, his timing was off -- his Howards, or long lifers, started their breeding program in the late 1800s -- but his ideas were spot on. That's just incredible. The fact that long life is a genetic thing means it can be easily passed (comparatively speaking) to offspring. Having two parents who are "Howards" would exponentially increase the chance of long lived offspring. We are now living in the universe of Heinlein's creation.

If you add to that the latest information about "world as hologram", it begins to be almost eerie. If our world is a hologram, does that mean that other worlds than ours may exist, other modes of existance? In some of them, does Hitler win the war? Or does Ceaesar never cross the Rubicon? It is always fun and exciting when fiction becomes reality, or even just touches on it. In particular, these two things are fascinating to me.
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