Friday, February 27, 2009

Seeds of Change, Seeds of the Future

It's not quite spring here in New England. There's still several feet of snow on the ground in most places, and it's cold out, especially at night. But the days are warming up, frequently reaching temperatures as high as 40 degrees F. The seed catalogues we poured over in January turned into seed orders that arrived at the beginning of the month, and now we have a plan for our planting.

So far, only two things have been started in little indoor greenhouses: artichokes and marigolds. As soon as they sprout up, they'll be settled happily in a warm corner with a grow light handy to keep them both warm and lit. Every day we're peeping into the box, looking to see if either has sprouted. Thus begins the waiting game for spring.

I've had a request to put on a pagan bash here at the new homestead, for the spring equinox. I'm thinking I'd like to do that. One of the things we're thinking of doing is building our fire pit and readying it for the weekend of the 21st, so that we can have a small bonfire with drumming and friends. I think it would be a blast, though of course it might be raining like the dickens. Still... it's nice to have the space to even think about doing such things.

Soon I will begin work on the temenos, which is up our hill and to the left. It has a large stone which I plan on using as an altar. It's large enough to build a fire on, making it very appropriate for a Hellenic altar. I will be setting up my shrines to Dionysos and Hecate very soon as well, as soon as it is warm enough to do things outside. Further shrines will eventually be added for Artemis, Pan, the Nymphae, Nyx, Rhea, and Persephone, Demeter and Hades.

Of course, it's going to take time to create all these shrines. And the rituals themselves will take place in the temenos, not at the shrines, but I wanted to have both. It seems appropriate. I just hope we have no problems with the local hunters and kids. I don't think we will - everyone here has been very open and polite about the use of our land. If it becomes a problem, I guess we'll just have to post the land, though we're trying to avoid doing that.

The potential I see when I look out the window is just amazing. I see our land, stretching up into the hills, as far as I can see. I see our fields, currently covered in snow, and know they'll soon be sown with corn or wheat. Our orchard will be started this spring, just a few trees to start, but with plans to add about a hundred trees in total. One side of the house contains our front area, where the dog pen will be, and where we may house goats, at least temporarily. On the other side of the house is our "backyard" where our berries will be, and our grape arbor, and firepit. Beyond that, we'll soon have compost bins and chickens in portable cages. And just past that, our Victory Garden.

I am so excited, so ready to do this. I know it's going to be a lot of work, but I think we can do it. Judging by the state of the economy, I suspect we HAVE to do it. It's expensive to feed our family!
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