Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Pictures of planting

The hope of spring is in what may grow when snow howls outdoors.

The hope of spring is in what may grow when snow howls outdoors. Inside, it's warm if you're near the wood stove, and chilly elsewhere. But bread is baking, soup is bubbling on the stove, and plants are sprouting in their little mock greenhouses by the window!

Look how tiny the seeds are! It's hard to see the marigold seeds, although they aren't as tiny as some of the others on the shelf. Carefully, the girltwin learns that one must plant the marigolds with the dark end down, the white end up, so that they sprout well. The holes for the seeds must be just the right depth, or it will be too hard for the sprouts to find their way up to the light. We make marks on a pencil to show how deep it should be, then carefully put two holes in each little cell.

Light end up, that's right. They look like little fans, almost, all poufy and pale colored. Girltwin's little fingers are well suited to handling the tiny, delicate seeds. She does a fantastic job placing them into each little hole. Then we tuck them in under a thin layer of dirt, making sure they're moist and warm.

Our little garden girl is dying to get out into the fields and do some REAL planting. She's going to plant sunflowers around the edge of our fields this year. I'm not sure if she realizes just how many sunflowers it takes to surround a field that is 0.6 acres in size. Hehe!
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