Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Farming Pictures!

Finally, I have the pictures! Here are some images of our Victory Garden:

These are the tires that will eventually become potatoes. We need many, MANY more tires. If you can see the tiny white thing at the far end of the field on the right of the picture, that's technically the space we've allotted to tires for potatoes (and sweet potatoes). We want them to eventually be three high, but you start with two, fill them with manure or dirt or compost, and plant the potatoes one to a tire. When they start to get tall green tops, add another tire, fill with more dirt (yes, you can bury some of the leaves, provided a few are left out to get sunshine), and you're done. They rarely need weeding, if at all, and there is NO DIGGING with this method. Just kick over the tire tower, pull the tires out of the way, and there are your taters, winking at you.

This is a view from part way down the garden, looking back toward the house. I took it to give you an idea of size... Those are the tires, down there to the right. The small red girl is our toddler, and she's only 3 and quite petite. The part of the garden you're seeing is about one fifth of the entire garden. Maybe one sixth. Huzzah!

Here we have an image of the beautiful row of peas I did. We have three types of peas: Tall Telephone (pictured here), Sugar Snap, and Provider. We have (drum roll please) about 500 FEET of peas! There's at least 250 feet down the way, and we have double rows. Wow... Some of our peas may actually make it past the garden boundaries this year! (Normally, children and sometimes naughty adults eat the peas before they make it into the house.)

This is an image looking at the garden from the wood lot beside the house. The tires are in the middle of the image, and mark the start of the garden itself. It goes alllllll the way down that field, almost to the barn you see in the way back, there.

Beautiful garden. This is just the "early crop" plot: spinach, lettuce, parsnips, turnips, beets, onions (both yellow and red), and radishes. Nothing is yet peeping out, as we only planted on Sunday. I keep hoping, though! The rain we're having is excellent stuff, and is likely working its magic on our seeds as I type.

We also have several plants in flats, some of which are still under grow lights and some of which are out on the porch being "shocked" before we put them in the ground. I'm very excited about the garden this year. I look forward to having a row of zucchini that I actually can't eat all of! :) Our family easily goes through the produce of a 50 foot row of zucchini plants. Yum!

I'll plant more pictures as things come up.
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