Sunday, May 17, 2009

More on my shrine, and the kids

Welcome to the walk up to our "camp home," to the area where my shrines are, and to the place where my temenos will eventually be. Welcome to my home, both spiritual and physical. This was taken Saturday afternoon, when Gray and I went up to do some work and water my grape plants. It's so beautiful it's almost painful. I find it difficult to explain how I feel when I begin the journey up this hill, along this dirt road, up into areas that feel so sacred and so silent. I love that, up there, the only sound is the occasional far-off train. The noise of the cars disappears almost completely, leaving you with a silence filled with birds, scolding squirrels, and the occasional startled deer.

On the way up, the girltwin spent most of the trip collecting an assortment of wild flowers, tiny pine cones, pretty ferns, and acorns. These she solemnly carried up to the stump we use as an offering place for the Nymphae, and she put them there so seriously. It was heart rending to watch how excited she was, and yet how she controlled it, not wanting to scare off any Nymphs that she might get to see. :) She even libated some of my grape juice, and spoke prayers to the Nymphs. She's such an amazing little kid, y'know? At three, she seems to have a natural grasp of things that we adults struggle to understand. I'm so proud of her!

Here, you can see the reason for my trip up the mountain yesterday. Grapes! Well, not grapes, not yet. The fruit will be another couple of years in coming. But those are leaf buds on that plant in the picture, buds that will come out into huge, gorgeous grape leaves in a few short days. Every single one of the five grapes I planted up there has either buds or leaves starting. They seem to love it there, near the stream, near the Nymphs. I'm excited, and happy. I'm hungry to see what happens next, to see how long the vines grow this summer. I can't wait!
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