Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Church?

This past Sunday, sis and I joined a church together. Yep, a church. :) It's a local congregationalist group, made up of the original three congregations that were in the area in the 1800s: the United Church of Christ, the Methodist Church, and the Unitarian Universalist Church. It's a very interesting blend.

I find myself interested in how comfortable it feels within the walls. Some of it definitely has to do with Rev. Alison, who is the pastor there. She's very open-minded (barely blinked at our being poly and didn't blink at all when I said I was a Hellenic Polytheist), friendly, loving, supportive, and kind. I like the fact that she, like me, sees the word "minister" as a verb, not a noun. It isn't a title to be worn, but a job to be done. I appreciate that in someone I am turning to as clergy.

The church is much more Christian than I am normally happy with. The UCC part seems to be the most dominant of the three branches, and that's reflected in the style of sermons, the Bible readings, and the hyms sung. However, there is an air of humility, a feeling that they don't know it all, and that they have no claim on god(s). There was a long discussion last week on the idea that god doesn't fit well into human made boxes. :)

I will be "preaching" there on July 19th. I offered to help out if Rev. Alison was busy, and she happens to be going to a family reunion that weekend, and needed a replacement. So I'll be at the pulpit, with the formal glass of water, with all the "gear" on. It's exciting, and it really stretches my understanding and my spirituality, in good ways.

It's interesting, finding a place where sis and I can meet and worship together. She's so very Christian, and I'm so very NOT, that it's unusual to find a spiritual home that feels welcome to us both. This is, in my opinion, a very special place.
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