Monday, June 29, 2009


People talk about beauty being a state of mind, and to some extent that is very true. If you don't believe you are beautiful, you probably aren't. However, there are many physical parts to being beautiful, and many emotional ones, too.

I am currently on the second day of a week long fast. It's not a terribly difficult fast, and as long as you keep drinking it doesn't feel too bad, but it's definitely changed some perceptions for me.

The fast itself is simple. Day one you give up sweets, caffeine, highly processed items like white bread (whole wheat is fine), etc. On day two you give up meat (but fish is okay), dairy, all bread and pasta and rice. On the third day you switch to fluds, but can drink broth, non-caffinated tea, juices, and the like. The fourth day is just water. Then you reverse the process.

I'm finding that today I was very tired. Not exhausted, or without energy, but just plain old tired. I felt like I needed to spend most of the day doing indoor things that didn't take a lot of energy. In a way, it feels as if I'm changing my focus from outside to inside, from physical chores to mental and emotional ones. It's a nice change, to be honest.

Tomorrow will be difficult, I expect, because there will be no solid food of any kind. Today I got to eat fruit, tofu, shrimp... tomorrow it'll be just chicken broth and water and juice. I am glad to be doing this, though.

I am noticing a lot of interesting physical things. My face is breaking out, and I have felt "greasy" pretty much all over. I'm hoping this means my body is expelling whatever toxins it can. I have a few aches and pains that seem to be at the forefront right now, claiming more attention than I want to give to them. While I'm not feeling run down, I am feeling like I need a good night's sleep or four.

Mentally, I find I'm drifting a lot. Keeping my mind focused on a particular task has been difficult today. I seem to pop off into daydreams or internal conversations. When I was out earlier with Farnham, I found that I was feeling very "high", as if I'd taken some drug, even though I had not. It was a pleasant sensation, but I'm glad I wasn't driving or doing anything important.

I'll try and write more about the fast tomorrow. :)
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