Thursday, June 4, 2009

International Pagan Blogging Values Month

International Pagan Blogging Values Month was started by Pax over at Chrysalis. I've been reading his blog on and off for several months, and find much of what he has to say interesting or thought provoking. Having seen many of my online friends participate in this particular bit of blogging fun, I have decided to throw my lot in with this, and do some writing of my own. The idea is to write about pagan values, morals, ethics, etc.

I have written about neo-pagan morals and ethics on several occasions. I've mentioned that a lot of neo-pagans seem to shy away from the idea that they might posess morals and ethics, seeing them as some sort of property of the Abrahamic faiths. I believe that this idea is thoroughly wrong.

In order to live a fulfilling life, one must have morals and ethics. They don't have to be codified rules like the Ten Commandments, but you should be aware of them.

The "big ones" are easiest, of course. Don't mess around sexually with little kids. Don't kill people without provocation. Don't steal things. Don't lie unnecessarily. Most people will agree these are "No Brainers", things that are just correct.

The little things are what trip us up, along with moments of extenuating circumstances. If your child is starving, is it okay to steal food? If someone is threatening your life, is it okay to kill them? Is it wrong to lie about your beliefs if it's going to cause pain and suffering for yourself and/or others?

There are things I consider absolutes. Don't lie. Don't cheat. Never break promises. Live up to your responsibilities. There are more lax morals. Don't steal if you can avoid it. Pay your bills on time. Don't spend tomorrow's money today. Then there are the things which are ethical sticky points in my current society, but which I have no comments on, such as public nudity, marriage between same gender partners or multiple partners, and the casual use of marijuana as a social drug (like alcohol). I follow the public rules when I'm in public, because I've chosen to live in an area that doesn't support public nudity or multi-partner marriages, etc, but that doesn't stop my beliefs.

Honestly, the state motto for New Hampshire is one of my favorites: Live free or die. I do believe that. We must live free, in the heart, in the mind, or we'll die. So I engage in nudity in the privacy of my home, or deep in the hills that we own. I live with my poly family of five, and love it. And I show my support for the legalization of pot (though I don't smoke it anymore, for a variety of reasons).

I'm rambling... the toddlers are demanding attention, and so I need to go. I'll try and blog more about ethics and morals another time.
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