Saturday, July 25, 2009

The New Seminary

40 cans of dilly beans, put up yesterday afternoon.

I've spent this morning going through the two applications for The New Seminary which I need to have ready for my attendance at their Open House on August 12th. I'll be interviewed then, for my "fit" in their two year ministerial program.

The questions aren't all that surprising, but they have definintely been challenging to answer. What attracts me to the seminary? I could fill entire books responding to that one question. I'm thrilled with their interfaith viewpoint. I'm excited to see that not only are other people like me "out there," but they've formed a school, and I might get to attend it.

What took me the longest was writing the description of my religious and spiritual experiences to date. How do I put that into one page? I managed to do a Reader's Digest version of about 3 paragraphs, but it leaves out the important parts. Of course, when one is talking about spirituality, they're ALL important parts.

It's taken me many years to get to this point. As Farnham says, I've finally decided what I want to be "when I grow up." I don't know if I'll ever grow up, per se. I like who I am right now. I still have things to work on, but then again, I always WILL have... I'm human. I'm not always struggling now, though. I have stretches of peace and relaxation. I have whole days when I can look at myself, not as a completed project, but as a work in progress that's damn good. There are things that I've done in my life that make me very proud of myself.

It has taken me about three hours, total, to finish my application questions. I am fairly sure that I will be accepted, considering the kind of questions they ask. However, there's always a chance that I won't make the cut. If they have a lot of applications for the fall semester, it might take me a while to get in. I am confident that eventually I will be attending, though.

I look forward to the new challenges. I look forward to classes that are mine, and mine alone. I look forward to learning about different religions and new ways of doing things. Most of all, I look forward to talking to other people, students, who share my beliefs about the need for ministers who aren't tied to a single faith.
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