Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Preserving the Harvest

This is one of 14 packages of our green beans, all sealed up and in our freezer. We made them one pound each, and these 14 lbs represent the bulk of our green bean harvest so far. The first fruits of every plant (radishes, green beans, peas, and turnips so far) have gone to the gods. The rest has either been eaten or preserved. It's a good feeling to see all those veggies in the freezer. Today we preserve peas.

Preserving food is a spiritual thing for me. I mean, it's common sense on one level, but I feel very connected to my gods when I am doing it. I love that I am taking something the gods have blessed (our veg) and keeping it in stasis so that I can enjoy it throughout the year. Nothing makes me feel more like giving thanks than having fresh fruit, veg and meat from our own farm come Thanksgiving. When I can look at the ladened table and see the fruits of our labors, the gifts of the gods cooked and displayed, I have an overwhelming sense of thanks and joy.
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