Sunday, August 30, 2009

New Altar Setup

I had to re-do my altar spaces, because I had to make room for this lovely piece of antique furniture, courtesy of Farnham's wife. This is a gorgeous dark wood vanity, which I have transformed into an altar of many levels. I think it's just incredible! And, of course, now my room is really clean. *grin*

The vanity is three tiered, and I have made the centar section for my ancestors and cthonic gods, the left for Dionysos and the right for Hecate. The mirror is draped with my himation, which can be unfolded from the top to cover the mirror if I need it to be. It provides a beautiful saffron colored frame.

This is my ancestor shrine. For whatever reason, perhaps due to the cthonic nature of it, I always want to have my ancestor shrines under things. This used to be under the bottom shelf of my bookcase, and now occupies the space where your legs would go if this were being used as a vanity. It contains photographs of the people I love that have passed away, and a few small items. There's also a candle in a "chunky red candle holder" that isn't pictured, because I hadn't found it when I snapped the pic.

This is the central, lower part of the vanity. It is the upper part of my cthonic altar. Because it's impractical and somewhat dangerous to burn things under antique wood coated in oil, I have placed my images and skulls, and a tan clay offering cup on the top. I feel this is a safer alternative to burning down the house... Heh. Some of these items were originally on my Hecate shrine, but did not feel like they matched anymore. The bowl of crystals and stones (somewhat right rear, directly in front of the skull picture) is a candle for Persephone as Queen of the Dead. Beside it is a dark green pillar candle for Hades.

Here we have Dionysos' altar. The short Roman pillar will eventually be going outside to the grape arbor shrine, but for this winter it will be here in my room. It has an ivy plant and a lounging cherub on top of it, and a small hand-carved rooster. The side of the vanity holds my tall brass candleholder, a wine cup, an offering bowl, and a small green votive candle that smells like fresh linen. I also have a small pitcher of water there, which is for mixing with wine for offerings.

This is Hecate's side of the vanity. It holds my owl collection (I have UPG about Hecate and owls), the second tall brass candle, a small candle for Hecate, and a clay owl cup full of the feathers of various birds. There's also a little glass offering bowl. I like each altar (or section of altar) to have its own bowl, simply because I sometimes dispose of offerings in special places. For instance, offerings to my ancestors sometimes go out to the graveyard, and sometimes to the formal midden up the hill. Dionysos' offerings often go out to the garden, because they're more organic in nature.

This is sort of an all purpose shrine. It has an offering bowl, my zen garden, two statues that remind me of Aphrodite, and a diffuser (you put a scent in the top part and a candle in the bottom and it makes everything smell nice). This is on top of my dresser. I'm not sure why I have it there... I had these items and I wanted to put them somewhere. I suspect this is the space I will use for the worship I'll be engaging in during my Seminary training.

This is the poster above the aforementioned altar. It's an absinthe poster from the 1870s. It just reminds me of Aphrodite, because of the way her robes are draped, and her stance. She looks extremely sensual. And of course she's a red-head. Heh... I'm fond of this kind of art, but don't own much of it. Farnham and I got this poster a long time ago, on a trip up to New England from Pennsylvania, way before we moved up here. I fell in love with the poster (and I'm very much in love with absinthe), and had to have it. It's a quintessential "goddess poster" to me.

And there you have it, a short tour of the new altar spaces. I hope you enjoyed looking as much as I enjoyed putting it all together!
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