Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Spiritual Grilling

Well, THAT was intense. Tonight, I had my interview with the high muckity-mucks at my church, to see if I could take on the position of intern to Rev. Alison. The initial answer is "no", but only an official no. I can certainly work with her, and work under her, and I am being very supported in that. The church just isn't ready, at this time, to embrace an interfaith minister with Hellenic polytheistic leanings. I can live with that.

I will still be going in and helping Rev. Alison whenever she needs me. I will preach on the occasional Sunday. I will lead a study group of some kind, and do whatever other work they come up with for me. The only thing I'm guaranteed not to do is filing or phone answering. I have to volunteer separately, as a plain ol' church member, to do that. *chuckle*

The picture to the left is me speaking a blessing over the barley, above the new altar dedicated to Artemis. It took four husky people, a tractor, and a backhoe to get that rock to where it sits, but it was worth it. It's just lovely, and it centers the sacred precinct perfectly.

We did a full procession up the hill, as you can see in our picture here. I beat on my drum as we walked, and Thista rode a "chariot pulled by a deer" as befits a priestess of Artemis. Modern times call for modern measures, and our chariot was a box and our deer was the John Deere variety, but still! Everyone in the procession had a musical instrument of some type, and we went up the hll to drums, bells, tamborines and shakers. I think the children liked that part best, though for the most part they were all very well behaved.

I have three virgins to help tend the shrine and temple of Artemis. They range in age from 12 to 16, and have parental permission (enthusiastic permission, in fact). While they're in service, they must retain their virginity. No recrimination if they give it up; it's just that when they make that leap to adulthood, it will be time to lay down their task so another can take service. I have no idea how long I'll be able to keep that part of it going, but I am hoping it catches on. I'd be very pleased to have a strong and vibrant spiritual reason for local girls not to "give it up" to the local boys.
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