Sunday, September 6, 2009

Temple Agrotereion

Today, we dedicated a new temple for Artemis. Unlike for Hecate and Dionysos, I am not Artemis' priestess, but I am her neokoros, her temple keeper. I'm very pleased with how it all went.

Appropriately enough, we chose a spot that used to be a hunter's cabin, and transformed it into a small temple with an altar out front. Getting that stone in place was one heck of a journey, and involved four people, a tractor and a backhoe! However, it's in place, and it was just perfect!

Inside the temple proper there is a tall pillar which holds the statue of Artemis and several pieces of small statuary, two candles, and a red-tailed hawk feather. The altar itself was blessed with wine, water and barley. Offerings were made of statuary for the temple itself, and flowers fresh from the garden, food, and other items. I had two young ladies dedicate themselves to helping tend the temple space, and they were very excited to do so (and in case anyone is wondering, yes their parents know, and in fact are all for it).

The mosquitoes were horrid, but I think we made it through ritual with only a minimum of biting. The weather was perfect... not too hot, not too cold. There was a dappled bit of sunlight sweeping through the sacred precinct in front of the temple, which added a lovely feel to the entire proceeding.

Yes, it was a very, very good day.
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