Thursday, October 1, 2009

A New Devotional!

From Bibliotheca Alexandrina:

It is a pleasure to announce that I am now accepting submissions for Megaloi Theoi, the Dioskouroi devotional, to be published by Bibliotheca Alexandrina. Please spread this announcement to all groups and individuals that might be interested in contributing to this work.

This devotional will focus on the Dioskouroi, in Greek, Egyptian and Roman belief systems, as well as their Indo-European aspects. Modern submissions on the Divine Twins and Gemini are welcomed, so long as they are linked to the Dioskouroi. Additionally, this devotional will examine the relationships of The Dioskouroi with other members of their extended family, including but not limited to Zeus (see below), Nemesis, Tyndareus, Leda, the Leukippides, Helen (of Troy) and Clytemnestra. All historical aspects in myth, cult, art and philosophy are welcome.

Examples of acceptable submissions include, but are not limited to:

  • The Dioskouroi as:
1) saviors;
2) warriors;
3) horsemen;
4) patrons of athletes and the Olympic games;
5) attendants of Hera;
6) Argonauts;
  • The Dioskouroi and Sparta/Laconia/Dorian peoples;
  • The Dioskouroi and Sobek;
  • The Dioskouroi and the Kabeiroi;
  • The Dioskouroi and other Greek twins, Idas and Lynkeus (the Apharetidai), and Amphion and Zethos;
  • The constellation Gemini;
  • The relationship between the Dioskouroi and modern ‘Divine Twins,’ such as in the Feri tradition;
  • The Indo-European ‘Divine Twins’ as the cultural ancestor of the Dioskouroi;
  • The Vedic Asvins, Lithuanian A┼ívieniai, the Latvian Dieva deli, and any other sibling Indo-European Divine Twins compared and contrasted to the Dioskouroi;
  • The Dioskouroi as the Roman Castor and Pollux;
  • Tyndareus and Leda;
  • Nemesis, either in Greece or Rome;
  • Phoebe and Hilaeira (wives of the Dioskouroi) as priestesses of Athena, Artemis, or Apollon;
  • The Leukippides, including Phoebe, Hilaeria and their sister Arsinoe;
  • The Cult of the Leukippides;
  • Sons of the Dioskouroi;
  • Helen and Klytemnestra;
  • The Indo-European ‘Daughter of the Sun’ as the cultural ancestor of Helen;
  • The Cult of Helen of Troy.
Readers are encouraged to explore these and other topics related to these deities.

The editor is looking for one entry on Zeus with a specific Dioskouric relationship. The editor reserves the right to add more if a quality submission is received. However, Zeus is not the focus of this devotional.

The following types of entries will be accepted:

1) Hymns, prayers, and poetry;
2) Rituals and/or festivals involving any of these deities;
3) Meditations and divination;
4) Scholarly essays;
5) Opinion essays and personal experiences;
6) Original short stories;
7) Artwork, as defined below.

Artwork must be original, and must at least 300dpi at full print size and grayscaled. Color submissions for the front cover are encouraged. In the case of multiple submissions, the editor intends to hold a contest to decide the front cover.

Non-fiction (short stories, opinion essays, personal experiences, scholarly essays) should be at least 1 full page in MS Word. Endnotes, in-text citations and footnotes are acceptable and encouraged in particular for scholarly submissions.

The editor reserves the right to make minor changes to any submission for purposes of spelling, punctuation, grammar, style, formatting and clarity. The editor also reserves the right to reject any submission that is deemed not commensurate with the criteria set forth above. The editor may request that submissions be modified or expanded if the editor deems it necessary.

As with all of our devotional anthologies we at Bibliotheca Alexandrina cannot provide payment or contributor copies, since the proceeds will be used for charitable donations and to help bring out further volumes in the Bibliotheca Alexandrina line. Please read the BA policies: Submission to the editor assumes that the author has read the BA policies.

Please send all submissions to Submissions will be accepted starting October 1, 2009, and ending July 1, 2010. The editor will acknowledge all submissions, but does not guarantee any submission inclusion in the devotional for the reasons stated above.
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