Sunday, January 31, 2010

And the ice shall melt...

Photograph by Beth Sands

Today it was bitter cold outside, and yet the sun was shining and bright, and the sky was blue. It was a lovely day to be out of doors. It was a busy day, too, and I was in and out of church and hopsital doing spiritual things that left me feeling very good inside.

I performed Communion for someone today, for the very first time. Certainly I've shared bread and wine before, even in ceremony, but not in a Christian sense. It was... interesting. It was much needed (a friend is in hopsital and unable to come to church), and it felt good. I recounted the morning's sermon message to her, read a couple of passages from the Bible, and then we shared Communion. It was powerful in its simplicity. She enjoyed it, and seemed at peace after, and I enjoyed it as well.

The ice of winter will eventually thaw. My friend will go home, and the snow will disappear, and all the winter's illnesses will be gone. I haven't suffered as much this winter, for whatever reason. I haven't felt as cold, though it's certainly been cold at times. I haven't felt as barren within, either, and I credit seminary with a lot of that. I have done so much personal work this year, and I'm proud of myself for the strides forward that I have made. It feels good.

By the by, the photo is by my daughter. She's an incredible artist - please take a peek at her account, linked through her name above. I'm definitely the proud mama here. :)
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