Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Year

It's a new year, and a new decade. How interesting. I have struggled a lot through 2009, and grown immensely. I'm proud of who I am becoming, and am no longer afraid that in growing I will lose who I was before. I am me, and that part will never change.

We're just starting to plan out the 2010 garden, and it's kind of exciting, and kind of scary at the same time. It's only January 6th... I want to relax and do winter stuff for a bit. But... it must be done.

I got a new phone today, much needed as my old one was really starting to fail in a number of ways. I'm quite pleased. It's an Alias, and I really like it. I need to get one cord to allow me to hitch it up to my computer so I can put songs on it, and then it will function as an MP3 player as well as my phone and calendar. Life is good.

On the spiritual front, I spent Sunday afternoon up in the woods with the kids. We took up some wine and some pretzels as offering, and took the tractor as far as we could then walked the rest of the way to the temple. I spent a few minutes saying a long prayer to Dionysos (I try and do special honors for him on the 17th day of the lunar month. That's about 2 days after full moon, which was on New Year's Eve this year. I also try to give honors to Artemis on the full moon, but wasn't home to do so this month. After saying my prayers to Dionysos, and praising him, the children and I made offerings into the snow. The red wine looked very interesting where it poked through. There was a very good feel to the whole thing, and the girltwin's eyes got very wide at one point. I always wonder what she sees.

The Agroterion was in fine condition, except that the massive wind storm we had caused a minor issue. The statues were all blown off their column, and one of the deer statues lost its antlers. Because there was no way to totally close up the interior, and more wind storms are likely, I carefully placed all the statues on the floor, so no further damage could happen. I worried at first that someone had come in and moved them or pushed them, but upon close observation, it is very clear that it was the wind and not a human agent. Whew. We propitiated Artemis once we'd cleaned up the temple itself, and sang her praises. The boytwin made himself conspicuously absent for that part, for some reason.

I spent most of the weekend unpacking from our trip, then took the time to totally revamp and clean my altars. I switched things around a bit, and also put out some new items. My MiL gave me a massive box of brass candle holders, three pewter cups and three pewter bowls. I put some of the candle holders out (two of them look like Roman columns), and put a pewter goblet on each of the main altars, with the bowls there as offering bowls. It gives a feeling of beauty and continuity to the altars, which I like. My room is feeling peaceful again, and that's spilling out into the rest of my life.

Tomorrow, I finish packing away the Christmas and Hanukah ornaments, and take the tree down. Then I'll sit down and start reading the Torah for my seminary class. I don't have to read the whole thing, and I've been trying to decide whether I want to read Genesis or Exodus. I've read the whole Bible before, but I understand the Torah is slightly different in wording even though those first five books are the same stories, in general, as are in the Bible. I admit, I'll be sad to see this month go. I wonder which religion we're studying for January... my birthday month!

* January graphic provided by Magic Art LJ Community. Thanks!
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