Thursday, February 18, 2010


Anthesteria Pantoum

Ancient Hellenes celebrated
Anthesteria's great feast.

Social mores were abrogated

And the first became the least.

Anthesteria's great feast
Starts with opening new wine
And the first becomes the least
When Dionysian vines entwine.

It starts with opening new wine

Sharing, tasting, and libating.
When Dionysian vines entwine,

Revelers are merry-making.

Sharing, tasting, and libating
Leads to cemetary walks
Revelers are merry-making
As to their ancestors they talk.

From the cemetary walks

Social mores were aborgated.
To their ancestors they talked

Ancient Hellenes celebrated.

I wrote that this afternoon. I'm trying to do more poetry and other writing during the time of Lent. They say a habit can be made or broken in 30 days, and so by focusing on my spirituality, my poetry, the creative zing in my soul, I am hoping to create a new habit.

Then Pantoum was pretty complex, for all it sounds like a simple poem. I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out. I'm actually rather pleased with it. I think I really captured the feel of Anthesteria with it.
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