Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Seminary Weekend

I'm back from my weekend at seminary, and what a weekend it was. On Friday, about the time I started packing, I began to cough. By the time we left, it was obvious that I had what the kids had, and that it was going to be bad. Through sheer force of will and ample application of DayQuil, I managed to attend the two days worth of information. I'm not sure how I got through it, but I did, and I even managed to scrounge up a few squeaked questions. I'm rather proud of myself, though not so much that I'm not going to listen to the mp3s later to make sure I didn't miss anything through either falling asleep or spacing out (I think I did both but I'm not sure).

It was a very different seminary experience this month. Normally, I'm very sure of myself, upbeat, full of energy, and ready to romp. I sit in a prominent place in the classroom, because I want to be among my fellow students. This time I was not myself at all. The main topic I'd struggled with all month was Islam, and the presenters on Islam were very well-spoken and polite, but did not answer all my questions. I was very ill, and my attention span was much shorter than usual. I sat at the back, away from everyone, in an attempt to keep away from others and not infect them. I didn't go out to lunch or socialzie much, either. It was a much more introspective weekend, and that was okay.

I did a tarot reading for one of the Deans, which went very well. I enjoyed reading her, and it was fun to use my Mythic Tarot. I also had requests from two or three others, so I suspect that more readings are in my near future. That works well for me. It's something I do rather well.

Tonight I facilitate at my study group. Tonight's lesson is on meditation, and I have a relaxation meditation picked out, with music prepared, and an information sheet for those interested. I think it will be well received. I hope so, anyhow!
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