Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Summer He Epistole Issue!

He Epistole is, once again, seeking submissions for  the upcoming Summer issue. The Spring issue was a  smash, so let's all work together to continue the growth of our community and this publication.

This issue, I look to try something a little different. Rather than remain cornered into a purely religious focus, I'd like to see if we can expand our scope to cover the depth and breadth of life in not only its serious moments, but its time of whimsy and   frivolity as well.

While we are taking unsolicited and open submissions (send what you like), I'm including in this request a few article ideas and pieces I'd love to see;

1.  Worship at the beach- Encompassing the worship of sea deities, oceanic nymphs, and other daemons into a visit to the seaside.

2.  Walking with Pan- Hiking season is upon us and it would be great to see a piece on either a devotee's personal experiences with Pan while in the wilderness or even a thoughtful essay on how such a connection could be fostered and nurtured.

3.  The August Moon Festival-  Held during the month for which it is named, this festival encompasses the opening of ancient theaters for the public to get to experience Greek music, theater, and the arts live. A full write up of the event, as well as its history, would be spectacular

4.  Dionysian Days- Though Dionysus may not have an official festival in the summer, here in the west we've certainly turned the summer into a time of Dionysian revelry and merry making. An essay on this aspect of him, a ritual surrounding him, or even how to honor him in night time summer activities would be a good add on to the issue.

5.  Barley, Bonfires, and BBQ Oh My!- Throwing a BBQ is one of the biggest social events of the summer season, so what about throwing a Hellenic shindig? If anyone has a fantastic experience or ideas for bringing together a Greco-Get Down, this would be a lighthearted and educational article.

As usual we are always seeking poetry, artwork, essays on patron deities, archaeological news/photos, solstice rites, music/movie reviews,  and of course summer rituals that fall outside of the fanciful fare above. I'd also like to start implementing two short story series in each issue- so if you've been writing something that you'd like to share with fellow religionists (and is Hellenic in focus or a new myth for us to enjoy) feel free to send them to: heepistolesubmissions@gmail.com

Happy Weekend!

Kharis Theocritos
Editor: He Epistole
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